The New Fujifilm X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera with XF 16-80mm

Fuji X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera


Fujifilm has announced a new mirrorless camera. The Fujifilm X-H2 comes with a 40-megapixel APS-C sensor, a built-in stabilization system that can work in conjunction with XF lenses, and an LCD screen that is similar to its GFX 50S medium format camera. It also has the same OLED viewfinder found on the GFX 50S. The X-H2 sports a joystick for selecting autofocus points as well as 8K video with F-Log and 10-bit color output over HDMI.

Fujifilm has announced a new mirrorless camera.

We’re excited to share the X-H2, our latest mirrorless camera. Featuring the world’s first 40-megapixel APS-C sensor, 8K video, and powerful features for both stills and motion creatives, X-H2 offers incredible specifications in a compact and portable body. The all-new X-Trans CMOS 5 HR sensor produces images with incredible color and detail, featuring Pixel Shift Multi-Shot – another X Series first – that generates 160-megapixel files. 8K video is possible for up to 240 minutes with 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes footage recorded internally via CF Express Type B card. 12-bit RAW footage can also be recorded via the Type A HDMI socket to compatible external recorders. Add the optional VFT-XH File Transmitter to access Remote Rec, allowing control over up to four cameras simultaneously – perfect for live streaming. All this processing power is packed into a small, light, and durable X Series body that offers a seven-stop IBIS system, continuous shooting at up to 15 frames-per-second (mechanical shutter), an incredible 1/180,000 sec top shutter speed, and more.

The Fujifilm X-H2 comes with a 40-megapixel APS-C sensor.

The X-H2 is the world’s first mirrorless, APS-C sensor camera to offer 40 megapixels of resolution. It blends the compact and lightweight versatility of APS-C mirrorless cameras with an unmatched back-side illuminated X-Trans CMOS 5 HR imaging sensor. The result is a revolutionary camera that brings life to the details of any image.

With an optimized pixel layout that promises exceptional detail, unrivaled color accuracy, and impressive video flexibility, these game-changing features are made possible only with X-Processor 5, which delivers lightning-fast performance to help X-H2 deliver 8K/30p video and black-out free image bursts at 15fps. Not to mention, it’s also more efficient than its predecessor, boosting battery performance by 10%.

Discover true creative flexibility with 8K video.

The camera comes equipped with a built-in stabilization system that can work in conjunction with XF lenses.

The camera comes equipped with a built-in stabilization system that can work in conjunction with XF lenses. In this case, the system works by moving the sensor instead of the lens, which means that you’re able to capture images without any wobble or blur caused by the camera shake. The system also works while you record video, so it can reduce some of those shaky shots and give you more flexibility when shooting on the go.

8K Video and Apple ProResRaw

The X-H2 is the perfect camera for filmmakers looking to unlock the true potential of their projects.

With the ability to increase the focal length of any lens by 2x while recording 4K video, or deliver incredible 4K video by downsampling from the camera’s higher resolution, X-H2 offers a suite of video functions that make it perfect for every moviemaking occasion.

In addition to being able to record Apple ProRes 10-bit 4:2:2 footage internally at up to 8K/30p using a CFexpress Type B card, 12-bit Apple ProRes RAWx1 or Blackmagic RAWx2 footage can be recorded to compatible external devices via the full-size HDMI Type-A port on the side of the camera. When recording video using the F-Log2 color profile, X-H2’s dynamic range extends to 13+ stops – a one-stop improvement over the previous sensor, enhancing post-production flexibility.

X-H2 can also record continuously for up to 160 minutes at 25 Degree C (77 Degree F), and can be extended to 240 minutes with the optional X-H2 clip-on fan.


  • X-H2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Features
  • 40 Megapixel X-Trans5 BSI Imaging Sensor
  • 15 Frames per second in Mechanical Shutter
  • 8K/30P 10-bit 4:2:2 Apple ProRes, ProResHQ, ProRes LT
  • Up to 7 stops of Internal Body Image Stabilization (IBIS)
  • 160MP pixel shift multi-shot
  • 1/180,000 Max Shutter speed in e-shutter
  • 0.8x Magnification, 5.76Mil Dots EVF
  • Up to 13+ stops of dynamic range with F-Log2
  • Externally record ProRes Raw or Blackmagic Raw through HDMI
  • XF 16-80mm f/4.0 R OIS WR Lens Features
  • Lens Format: APS-C
  • Zoom Focal Length: Focal Length: 16-80mm
  • Lens Type: All-In-One Zoom Lens
  • Image Stabilization: Image Stabilization: Yes (OIS)
  • Special Features: Aspherical, Weather Resistant


The Fujifilm X-H2 is available now. Click Here

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